Zangi Ota memorial complex

The tour in the country can be going along the country with the visiting of  Zangi Ota memorial complex. It is located near Tashkent, just in 20km and it seems to be one of the most visiting sites by the guests of the country. Our team offers to make a trip and rent car here in order to see the buildings of the religion meaning, like the Zangi-ota mausoleum, the Anbar-bibi mausoleum, the minaret, the madrasah, the memorial mosque and the ancient cemetery.

Very often the guests are interested in the history of the name of the complex, which is actually given in honor of the theologian, Zangi ota. The notes say this man was the follower of the sufi, Ahmed Yassawi.

Tashkent car for rent opens the views to the guests of the country, who came here for getting the unexpected emotions, walking along the streets bearing the history of the preacher who died in 1258. That is why, there is a mausoleum created in honor of him in the 13th century. Today it is a perfect place for the pilgrimages to come.

Most of the legends are aimed at the telling the history of the ancient complex, which tells us that there was a wife of Sheikh Zangi ota, who managed to be the patroness of productiveness of being the mother. Her death didn’t become the “wall” for the woman to come and ask for the opportunity to being the mother.

The other legend tells that the visitants tend to travel along the complex at the territory of which Amir Temur had a desire to build the complex of St. Ahmad Yassaviy. Then he managed to find himself at the territory of Yassavi, a dream-like place.

At the same time, in the time of the trip, on cars rent Uzbekistan here, the guests get to know about the reconstruction means of the complex, after which there appeared a pond, paths, alleys and lawns.

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