Ulughbek observatory

Being in a tour in Uzbekistan we recommend to take a car for rent and start seeing the Ulughbek observatory, the remains of which were hidden for about 50 years. It is known that the observatory was created by the Muslim prince. And he created it to show respect to science. More than 30 years it was the site of the research but happened to be the location of religious people.

Today the guests can take cars for rent in Tashkent and make a way to Samarkand, where the observatory of Ulugbek was made. He was the first person to taking the control of Transoxiana. In 2 years after his death, there were lost battles. Then the building was destroyed. And only in 1908 the remains were found by the Russian archaeologist Vasily Vyatkin.

In the times of the peak of success, the building had the cylindrical form, with various astronomical instruments to be there. The windows are made in the form of arches, of about 40m. And depending on the height of the window, the light from can be going in different measures.

As the trip is developing, the guests who travel here can get to know that the greatest achievement was in the creation of the book of stars of the night sky. It was made for about 200 years, concerning the night sky, and with the modern technologies of those times the investigations could be made. Then the catalog started to be in the hands of the astronomer Ali Kushji, who made great developments of the star sky.

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