Tash Khouvli palace

“Stone Courtyard” is known to be the translation of the Tash Khouvli palace. This place is a mostly desired location for the tour. All along the trip the guests can be going on cars rent and travel to the palace erected by the rulers of Khiva.

The local people consider the building to be the truly masterpiece and that is why the boarders are always wishing to get here. Allakuli Khan erected the building in the 19th century. He was the one to meet the rise and hay of the country in economic, political and cultural spheres. Moreover, such a success was made during the connection of the Russian Empire.

The style of the palace is unique and the building seems to be an extraordinary place. It worth visiting on cars rent Uzbekistan. Unfortunately, the palace did suffer various tragic events. The first is seen in the impossibility to crate the building in two years.

Skilled craftsmen Tajiddin and Kalandara managed to finish the erection of the building after 8 years. The outside and inside look of the building is pure and practical. There was made no any restoration. But the master Abdullah is known as "Genius". The legends say the wives of the khan were fond of the stoves brought from Russia, so that there was made a harem.

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