Sitorai Mohi Hosa complex

Bukhara is the city with a great amount of significant places, as Sitorai Mohi Hosa complex, being created in the 19th century. There is a long story of it, when the ruler Nasrullahan decided to create the residence in suburbs. He desired to create a place in a shady location, where it is cool and comfortable.

The guests are free to travel here and each tour will be full with the magnificent views of the building and its territories. According to the history, it was created and unfortunately destroyed, so that it didn’t survive till nowadays.

Making a trip on cars rented in our company the guests are able to see the building which saw the ruler of Bukhara, Mir Sayyid Alimkhan. He stayed to be the one wishing to organize the building, a new one, but at the same place. The building was created for the beloved woman of him. It is made in the style of Europe and East. But after it was finished, the intender of the creation died.

The name of the complex means "Star like the Moon". And today we can see the building which was created in 1912-18. Being here the people are free to rent a car in Uzbekistan and visit the building of various halls, made for guests to stay here. The decoration of the white hall is made of mirrors on the walls.

Walking along the complex it is possible to see the tea room, which was cozy and asking for the people to stay here and try unique and tasty tea. And later the complex started to be the museum. There are various collections of applied art and ancient history. Many different cultures are held here, as well as Russian and Japanese ones.

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