Samarkand is the territory with a great amount of sightseeing and monuments to visit, as Shakhi-Zindeh complex, which is the location of the blue-colored tombs. The narrow streets of the ancient times mainly are the mausoleums which are grouped closely with each other. And the complex has more than 11 mausoleums based here in 14-15th centuries.

As the tour of rent a car Uzbekistan is going on, the guests can be the witnesses of the tombs firstly based at the city Afrasiab. Also this territory is called as a graveyard by the locals. The blue domes open the opportunities to enjoy the history.

As the guests travel here on the cars for rent Uzbekistan, they get to know that this is the complex tends to be the burial place of the people of high society. It is a sort of the necropolis. The name of the complex means “Living King” in translation. The person who created the complex was a preacher of Islam and intended to create the place for the pilgrimages to come.

There is a legend which can be heard as the trip is going on, and it is based on the person, Kusam ibn Abbas who came here in 640 and spent more than 13 years being the prayer. And on the moment of him to be buried, the people came here for the means of religion and trips along the country.

All of the buildings of the complex are made in the same style of the buildings made of bricks and tiles, mosaics. In front of the entrance of the complex there is the note telling the essential information about the complex and its meaning. The crypts depicted here are made in the times of Tamerlane.

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