Samarkand paper workshop

Samarkand is a perfect place for those who are interested in craftwork, so that Samarkand paper workshop is a place which gathers paper of today and ancient technologies. At the same time during the tour of Uzbekistan rent cars, the guests will see that it is the site which used to be the first one on the point of the creation of paper in the Middle East.

As the guests travel here they get to know that basically technologies were taken from the Chinese people, due to it the paper created in China or Samarkand was the one to replace the paper created in Egypt. The people of the country and the territory of the region for many centuries were creating paper which seemed to be strong one, being able to absorb ink.

Export of craft of the 18th century was actually based on the creation of paper at these regions. More than 40 shops were active in the production of paper. What was used for the creation of paper? Raw materials, like cotton, silk and mulberry bark. Unfortunately the production of paper of Samarkand started not to be used, as there appeared the cheaper technologies.

The year 1998 is considered to be the period when paper creation of Samarkand got its renewal. And the secret deals of the craft were restored with the help of the UNESCO. And even today the means of the ancient ways of the creation paper can be investigated during Uzbekistan car rent trip, as the guests can get to the village Konigil and basically to the outskirts of the coutnry.

We are glad to give a short data about the creation of paper, and basically the absorption of the bark of the trees start, then the water is soaked and then follows the process of adding of the glue of natural creation. Famous books and manuscripts are written on the unique Samarkand paper, as well as its being the decoration of books and albums, various postcards.

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