Samanids mausoleum

Visiting Bukhara visit the Samanids mausoleum, erected in 9-20 centuries. It is considered to be the site of greatest ancient history, which seems to stay even in our days. As the guests take a tour here, they are informed that the mausoleum was the place for the bury of the rulers of the Samanids dynasty.

We offer to rent a car in Tashkent and Uzbekistan and get to know that the form of the building is cubical, with the dome. It is rather impressive but still bears a mythical meaning. This meaning the building got by the effect of the religions, Sufism.

All who travel here understand that the main goal of the building is based at the following views: stability, Earth and dome, unity of universe.  At the same time it is made of bricks inside and outside, with various ornaments depicted there. It is the masterpiece, the symbol of the great architecture.

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