Rishtan pottery workshop

The car rent tour can be aimed at the investigation of the Fergana Valley which is the home of the city where Rishtan pottery workshop is widely famous. The city itself is located in 50km from the valley, so that it used to be the main attraction to be seen during the trip.

When the visitants decide to travel here, they are usually intended with the creation of ceramics used to be traded along the Great Silk Road. And being here during the trip of Uzbekistan car rent everyone is able to pay the witness of the widely known handicraft of the country, pottery. And even the investigation of the territory by the scientists made a proof of the location being the home for the ancient craft.

And even the regions have differences in the style of the pottery. So that ceramics is seen to be various in the districts and regions, in the fact of style, color, techniques and of course products. For example during the trip in the city the guests can see the colors like blue, cyan, turquoise and aquamarine.

Dear guests are welcomed to be the visitor of the city Rishtan, and it tends to be the center of ceramic creation of the country. Cars rent here are famous here and abroad, as there are more than 100 masters able to create unique works of art.

And the ceramics of the region is made in red color in combination with blue one. Some of the plants can be also depicted on the crafts. The city is rich on art, so that products are seen to be of various shapes and colors, ornaments and symbols.

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