Remains of “Alexander the Great’s Fortress”

Uzbekistan is the country with interesting history which describes the existence of the remains of “Alexander the Great’s Fortress”. Those times it was named as "Nur". During the tour the guests have an opportunity to see that the building was actually created in the 4th century, by the people of the Macedonian reign.

Our team offer Tashkent car rent in order to travel along the territory of the fortress, which is seen to be in the hill. The location was taken not by chance, but to be able to see the enemies, and to defend easier from them.

The visitants usually get to the territory of the fortress, its remains and witness the division seen in farming and steppe. From the side of the steppe the nomadic people used to attack the building in the past.

With the course of time the fortress was destroyed and today there are just the ruins of it. Anyway it is possible to travel here and imagine the fortress in its heyday. The southern parts partially survived. There have been made a lot of researches by the scientist in order to investigate the purpose of the creation of such a building.

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