Potter’s workshops

Being in a tour in the small town with about 30000 citizens, it is required to make a visit of potter’s workshops of Nurata. The scientists say that the city is also the home for the Holy spring Chashma, created by the meteorite as the history says.

We offer to pay attention to the car rent Uzbekistan as one of the opportunities to see the uniqueness of the technology of creation of ceramics, with its own style and color, ornaments and of course of great quality. Mainly the variety of colors is seen in turquoise, dark blue, brown shades.

When you have finally taken the car rent service, it is possible to get to know that mainly the ornaments are of ancient symbols. The pottery workshop is said to have started about 1000 years ago and is greatly required to be investigated as you travel here. The skills of the creation of the unique products are going throughout generations.

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