Poi Kalon complex

The central part of the Registan square is taken by the Poi Kalon complex. It is the complex which was created as the impressive location, the name of which means “the foot of the great” or “the foot of the minaret”. During the tour the guests can get to know that it was created in 12-13th centuries, and till today stay as the greatest building of Bukhara.

Being in a trip everyone is able to travel along the ancient buildings, which seem to be 3 ones. The first one is Kalyan Minaret, the main symbol of the city. Being the highest one, the name is translated as "Great". Unfortunately, just the dome of the building is served till nowadays. The minaret is made in the type of bricks, with arches and crowns. We offer to rent cars Uzbekistan and get to see the entire country and all of the sightseeing.

Being the central part of the territory it seems to be the religious attraction which can room about 12000 people. And the name of the mosque is translated as "Big Mosque". It was made in the times of powers of Ubaidullah Khan, decorated with mosaics. There are galleries with about 288 domes. Then goes Miri Arab Madrasah, which is used as it should be even today. The name was given in honor of the man of the Sheibanid dynasty. He was the leader of Muslims of Bukhara. Talking about the halls of the building, there can be roomed about 114 cells for the students. With all of the walls with mosaics and ornaments of ancient times. During the times of the Soviet Union the religious buildings still were working, which is rather interesting.

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