Nunnery Kirk Kiz

Nunnery Kirk Kiz is the fortress which stays to be the ancient site for those who travel in Uzbekistan along the city of Termez on rented cars. In case you managed to organize a tour here, you will see it to be totally destroyed. And today the guests can see just the ruins of the fortress.

The information about the erection of the building, including time and circumstances are not known for today. But we offer the service of car for rent in Uzbekistan for all to be able to see the creation of approximately 9th century.

Zoroastrians are supposed to build the fortress at the territory of the city which was known as “Noisy city” – Shahri-Gulgal. The investigators consider there are different versions of the creation of the building like a palace, a monastery, a caravanserai, a khanaka.

The name of the fortress in known to be "Forty Maidens", telling the legend of the creation. It says that there was a princess Gulayim, she had an army of 40 girls. They were defending the building. That is why the building is unique in its supposed history. The scientists say it should be seen in a trip along the country, as it is the unique building with brick walls, the yard, the dome. Made of clay not of a good quality.

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