Norbutabi Madrasah

On coming to Uzbekistan all try to rent a car and visit the Norbutabi Madrasah, which stands to be the ancient construction of the 18th century. It is erected as a tower over the Chor-su square. So being in Kokand we recommend take into account the car rent Uzbekistan service of ours in order to be able to see one of the largest ancient madrasah of 200 years.

This madrasah was created under the powers of Narbut-biya in 1799. And basically the tour can be oriented on seeing the concept of it being not just the educational building, but the construction organized by the great craftsmen. And the main architect is Muhammad Salih Usto Kasim.

The territory along which the guests are able to travel is covered with the mosque at the left side and the educational center itself at the right side. In the madrasah there are about 24 rooms to live. The building is made in the style of minimalism but purity, the walls are brick ones looking very impressive.

The educational center which can be seen on the rented cars can show the walls created the 4 corners of madrasah. The dome is illuminated and the windows are looking at the outside views. Due to the country starting to be the independent Republic of Uzbekistan, all of the madrassah started to be the lawful religious institutes.

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