Nodir Divan Begi madrasah

Welcome to travel in Uzbekistan where on cars rent you can get to the Nodir Divan Begi madrasah. It used to be built as the caravanserai previously, but then changed to be the madrasah. During the tour everyone will find out that there is a legend, saying that the building was made under the rule of one of the khan, when he praised the construction of the madrasah. But he mistook the building, and then caravanserai started to be the madrasah.

We offer the trip on the basis of Tashkent car for rent, when all of the guests have an opportunity to see the building which was created by the Minister of Finance, uncle of the ruler Imamkuli Khan, Nadir Divan-Begi. The erection of the building was made in 1623. The building was aimed to be created under the Kosh principle, when two buildings are erected one opposite the other.

Everyone can go seeing the madrasah inside, with it being about 70m long, with two floors of the rooms for the pupils. The façade of the building is made in exquisite style, in mosaics with drawings of birds from Persia. They are said to be the analogs of phoenix in the West.

The period of 1960-70 is known as the time of restoration for the building to stand against strong earthquakes. The yard of the building is a large space for the applied art center. Folklore shows are made here for the guests to visit.

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