National bazaar Siab

When the guests find themselves at the main city gates, they have an opportunity to make a tour to the square, the central one, where the national bazaar Siab is located. As everyone has opportunities to rent cars Uzbekistan, they have a great plus in the investigation of the bazaar on their own. So, we can say there is a majority of the pavilions which work any season of the year.

Under the roof of the market the visitants have an opportunity to get acquainted with the local people and buy traditional products and goods. Being able to buy vegetables and fruits from the very valley of Zarafshan – isn’t it amazing?

Making a visit of the market on the car rent here, you can buy watermelons and walnuts, apples and apricots, spices and various seeds and so on. Dried fruits deserve better attention, as these are sweets and delicacies.

As you travel here, in Samarkand, there is a way to communicate with the local people, the native dwellers of the Gala Osio village. They tend to cook cakes in the ceramics ovens, and these cakes tend to be the souvenirs for their families to get after the trip.

Being here the visitants find themselves in the other world, where snacks of the national cuisine can be bought, like lagman, samsa, shashlik. Walking among the rows of products and food you can smell green tea and meat, at the same time when spring comes, and Navruz is celebrated, the people can try sumalak dish.

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