Museum of Savitsky

Museum of Savitsky is a location of art works of the Russian artist, located at the outskirts of Uzbekistan. Today it is possible to travel to this museum and get to see that the visitants really are fond of the museum of the city of Nukus.

The historical notes say the artist managed to move to the country in the 20th century, having a strong and respectful position. For the beginning he had an intention to cover the excavation works here, but for some period of time they started to be prohibited.

During the tour you will be informed that he managed to gather about 50,000 paintings of the entire USSR. And basically the guests are able to take Uzbekistan car for rent and see with their own eyes more than 90 000 exhibits. These are the paintings of the Uzbek culture, of Karakalpakstan, the copies of Louvre exhibits.

It is remarkable that being here or having a desire to visit the museum it is not required to understand painting. As the museum is created with the means the people to feel it with their heart. 

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