Modari Khan Mausoleum

Here we finally mention the Modari Khan Mausoleum, the place which greatly impressed us as the borders in the past. The building itself is associated with the famous Uzbek poetess Nadira, used to be the wife of Kokand khans.

All her life and even after the death of her husband he still had a certain respect. Being in the country we intend on you to travel here so that to be able to get to know that her poetry was and still is the treasure. Kokand is a location where most of the buildings were created under her desire.

Those who take Uzbekistan cars for rent are able to listen to the history of the building. It is said that Modari Khan Mausoleum was created mainly as the tomb for all the women of the clan of the khan. And today we can say that the name of the building means "Mother of the Khan" and this building tends to be a traditional architectural building.

Being the guest of the mausoleum all can notice the decoration of it, which is made in flowers and ornaments, with impressive doors and king-like towers. The spiral type of the dome is made in ornaments of the Islamic people. And the tour here will be surely filled with great emotions.

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