Mizdakhan necropolis

Welcome to Uzbekistan, the country where it is possible to immerse in nature and history simultaneously, as the Mizdakhan necropolis is one of the complexes which is required to be seen. We offer to take cars for rent Tashkent, and make a tour to the ancient city Khorezm.

At the top of the Ustyurt plateau and Muynak the necropolis is located. The size of it is not so impressive though the very buildings of the complex. Here the people can witness the ancient cemeteries, Golden Horde city, caravanserai, ruins of various buildings.

For now, unlike the ancient times, the necropolis is connected just to the world of Muslims, and here there are the ruins of the mausoleums of the ancient times. During the trip the boarders are able to witness sarcophagi, ossuaries, valuable coins and ceramics.

The complex is also the home for the Caliph Yerezhep building, which is better to be visited on the cars rent. It is made of bricks and mud, over the river. The location is dangerous from the point of view of possible earthquakes.

Here there is a tomb of Shamun-nabi, which is great in size and significance for the local people. But the tomb turned out to have no remains actually. The necropolis has the location close to the “Jumart-Kassab” or “Butcher Jumart” complex. And basically this territory should be visited on the obligatory way while you travel in Uzbekistan.

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