Medressa of Sheihun Hasan Nury

Medressa of Sheihun Hasan Nury is said to be the great monumental building of the 14th century. The visitants of Uzbekistan tend to rent a car in Uzbekistan and get to see the massive and stunning building of the Muslim significance.

Everyone should travel here and get to know closer the complex which was created by slaves, as the historical suppositions say. These people were promised freedom after finishing the madrasa. It is also said that the workers didn’t believe this state and decided, managed to kill the one to claim it in the building which was not finished in the 18th century.

During the trip the guests are free to witness the tomb located right at the madrasa. The decoration is of a simple style, but the wanderers are greatly promised the tour on the cars for rent along these territories will be at the best level.

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