Mausoleum Sultan Saodat

When the visitants rent cars Uzbekistan in our company, they are given data about the best sites to visit, as the mausoleum Sultan Saodat, or the Sultan Saodat Memorial and Cultural Complex. It is said to be the tomb for the family of Termez seyids.

This is the most ancient building in this country, and it is made of bricks and amazing decoration. For now just main facades has survived in better appearance.

It is possible to organize a tour and see the khanaka located across the road from the darvaz-khan, where in the west there is the chilla-khan buildings. The building itself is erected with 2 rooms, the domes and the carvings of avian. There are entrances in the north of the building which are made as the mausoleum and in the south ziyarat-khan.

Today it is possible to travel here and find out that the outside of the building is made with bricks and carvings. We offer a great choice of cars for rent so that it could be more comfortable to trip. The inside of the building is the tomb style creation, where there is a great amount of literature works saved. Unfortunately, the erections were destroyed on the 19th century.

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