Mausoleum of Hakim at Termezi

Finally you have an opportunity to see the famous mausoleum of Hakim at Termezi, which was created in honor of the people spreading Sufism. The building is made of bricks, and is seen to be erected in 11th – 15th centuries.

Our aim is to organize a tour, on our buses or on the cars for rent Uzbekistan in order for all to see it and feel the times of the ancient periods. In the 15th century the territory started to be the one for the creation of khanaka. And many people tend to visit it in religious or wandering views.

For now it is the building of great significance as one of the oldest ones, as the one which is made with one room and massive dome. It is the place where a great amount of pilgrims and visitants from other countries to come here and admire history, religion and architecture.

And mainly the people travel here on rented cars are interested or fond in Islam, and are in love with history. At the same time the guests are usually leaving this place being amazed with the mausoleum, its architecture and decoration, carvings.

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