Mausoleum Guri Emir

Mausoleum Guri Emir is the location of Amir Timur himself, his sons and grandchildren to have been buried. It is the place which is considered to be unique, where the guests have an opportunity to find themselves in the means of a tour in Uzbekistan.

Amid the trip the visitants travel, they get to know the data that it was created for the most beloved grandson, Muhammad Sultan, died in 1403. Then after his death, in 3 years later Timur himself followed him. At the same time the complex is the last home of the astronomer Ulugbek, ruler of Timurids as well.

The government of the country decided to make the investigation of the tomb, and during the Uzbekistan car for rent trip you will see that the investigation was based on the opening of it in 1941. This opening made an approve saying that Timur, Ulugbek, Shahrukh, Miranshah and Muhammad Sultan are really buried here.

On cars rent in the company of ours open the opportunities to see that the remains of the rulers are in the wooden coffins, with some of the remains being in the sarcophagi. All of them have own carvings and ornaments.

The mausoleum is the building made in the unique style with forms of lines, decorations and carvings depicting harmony of being. There is also the yard which tells us that the buildings were united, and there are depictions of the master, Muhammad-ibn-Mahmoud Isfahani. The 20th century is known to be the year of reconstruction of the complex, when the walls were reconstructed, and the walls bear the depictions of the drawings of the ancient times.

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