Here we find ourselves in the city of the oldest meaning of Uzbekistan, Margilan. Today this city is said to be of about 2000 years old. When you travel in the south of the valley, please pay your attention to the range Altai. Right there the city of 4,083 ha is located.

Each tour will be aimed at the purpose to tell as much details as possible and so the emergence is seen to be of 2nd-1st century. It was the period when there was the passing of the Great Silk Road. And the GSR is considered to be the beginning of the life of the city.

The visitants are usually happy to know the history of the city, which tells us that it used to be the greatest one in the Fergana Valley. Various silk products were going from the city to the outer locations. Even in the west and east the production by the Margilan was well-known and popular like in such places as Baghdad, Kashgar, Khurasan, Egypt and Greece.

Our company has an offer to rent a car, to get to know the notes given by the scientists. They claim that there is no data about the exact time of emergence of the city. As well as the one to create and erect it is unknown. 

Some of the legends claim that the founder was Alexander the Great. It is described by the fact of him being in the city several times. Out of his visits the name of the city is going. He is said to be fond of meal, and one dish was liked him the most. He asked for the name of it – Murginon", and when he was given the same dish the other day, he decided to name this city like this.

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