Lyabi House Ensemble

Lyabi House Ensemble is one of the important and the most significant places of the city and the country, with the building to be located in the center of interesting history. Those who take cars for rent say that they are amazed with the ponds around the house.

As you travel here the tour can be aimed at the seeing the construction which started in the 18th century. Previously there were various buildings around the building like Kukeldash madrasah, Hanaka Nodir Divan Begi and the madrasah itself built by Nodir Divan-Begi. And the first one is the earliest building out of three. It was created in the times of Sheybanids powers.

Each trip will be seen to show that madrasah is a state of great strength, with it being of 2 floors, decorated in mosaics and columns. More than 320 pupils can live here. Uzbekistan car rent can open the way to get to know the legend that the person was sent to the region of Bukhara in order to make an order to build the Nodir-Divan-Begi madrassah.

In the course of time there were made orders aimed at the necessity to start reconstruction of the buildings saying that special structures must be set for the boys and girls. So, the latter madrassah is a part of the house, seems to be the essential part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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