Kunya-Ark fortress

The old fortress or Kunya-Ark fortress is the building which was created in the 17th century and still bears the great significance. As it was built in 1686-88, it is said that the son of Anushahan Arangakhan initiated the creation of it.

Each tour we try to organize according to wishes and desires of the guests and mostly they travel here and enjoy the views of the fortress. Here there is a great amount of the buildings which should be seen on the obligatory way as the Khan's office, mosques, a mint, a harem.

Unfortunately, not all of the buildings have been saved till our days. We offer to take into account Tashkent rent a car opportunity in order to see the buildings which are still here, as Kurinishkhona – the place where the people can be registered, cell of Ak-Sheikh-Bobo; east gate; summer and winter mosques and harem.

Ak-Sheikh-Bobo dwelling is the site in the building, which was intended to show the tower and the warehouse. When the Iranian people came here they destroyed the building of Kurinishkhon in the 18th century.

During the trip in Uzbekistan, when you came here and rent the car, all can get to find out that the throne of the khan was out in the Moscow Museum. In the north there is the harem which was created under the powers of Muhammad Rahim Khan II.

There have been made various excavation works in order to find various fragments of those ancient times, of coins and ceramics. The fortress is made completely according to the traditions of the Uzbek people.

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