Kukaldash Madrasah

Our offer to get to see the Kukaldash Madrasah which seems to be one of the greatest and the most meaningful places of Central Asia. It is the educational center created for boys and girls to study religion, along with other scientific means.

The building was created in the 16th century and now still bears a great significance. Mainly it was built on the desire of the commander Kukaldash, the name of which means “milk brother”. And he was the young milk brother of the khan of Sheibanid dynasty.

As the tour is developing everyone can notice the fact that the mosque managed to be the important component of the life of the Uzbek people. It was created from burnt bricks, clay, hay. It is the mean of traditional architectural building with wide square and small sites for the people to say words of pray.

During the times of the 18th century the mosque used to be the horse-sheds, for the merchants making the way. These events of careless usage of towers led to the building to fail to survive. Moreover, in the 19th century there were fighting actions which led to the entire territory of madrasah and the fortress to be in the blood of the Kokand khans.

Car for rent in Uzbekistan is the way to see the place of the ancient actions of the public execution. These actions were showing various actions of the people making execution against some unfaithful things on the central square of it. Today it is the educational Islamic institute made according the canons of the times of the medieval times.

As for the basic appearance of the building, it is made in the style of the ancient times, with traditional cells and the façade made with high columns and the décor of those times. If there are windows, they are made with the protective panels like panjara. Trip made on rented cars is based on the opportunity to show the entire history of the people and the country. So, travel here with pleasure.

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