Khudayar Khan Palace

Guests of Kokand are always ready to investigate most of the sites of the territory including the Khudayar Khan Palace. Being in a tour here the boarders find out that the palace is also named as “Urda” by the locals. At the same time it is considered to be the most visited attraction among the locals and the new-comers.

All along the car for rent Tashkent trip it will be possible to see that the building was created in the 19th century. And the guests find out the history of it, telling that Khudoyar khan gave an idea for the creation of it. He is considered to be the last who had powers above the Kokand Khanate.

All who travel here are used to be told that the palace was a great impression for all who managed to see it. And the architect was Mir Ubaidullo, who managed to gather about 16000 workers from all the Ferghana Valley from Kokand, Chust, Namangan, Kashgar, Kanibadam, Ura-Tyube.

We offer to rent a car and be the guests of the palace, which is crated in the traditional style of Central Asia. All of the outside style of the building is made in the form of the arches, with impressive doors and words in the language of Arabs. At the same time the territory is the home for the minarets on the both sides of it. The outside is made in blue color of mosaics.

There are more than 119 rooms here and each room is decorated separately, with various carvings and cornices, with wood and panels. The walls of the palace are made in the luxurious style. The times of the creation were rather complicating, but the masters still managed to make everything possible for the palace to be exquisite.

Our company makes an offer to take Uzbekistan car rent opportunities and see with your own eyes all the 19 rooms of the palace, in a splendid style of the ancient times. Moreover, there are different exhibits to be shown for all to see the masterpieces of the latest times.

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