Khiva is a city of legends and mythical characters of ancient times. It is located southwest of Urgench near the border with Turkmenistan. With the help of car rent you will have an opportunity to learn more about old city.

Khiva was mentioned in the X century as a large shopping center on the Great Silk Road, which ran through China with the help of camels. In the course of a tour you can see ancient history walking around the city.

In the XVI century the Khorezm state was originated here by the Khiva Khanate, but the change of the Amu Darya channel demolished the current capital Urgench, where in 1598 Khiva became the main state of the city. Traveler can see in a tour. Later, Russia conquered part of the Khiva Khanate and destroyed the last khan in 1919. Thus, Khiva became the capital of the new Khorezm Soviet People’s Republic and became part of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in 1924.

Today, Khiva attracts visitors to the country with its golden history and the unsurpassed beauty of the ancient state.

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