Kalta Minor minaret

Being in Uzbekistan the guests need to travel to the Kalta Minor minaret which is considered to be the largest one in entire Central Asia. As the historical notes say that the erection of the building was going on but stopped when there came the death of Muhammad Amin Khan. The minaret itself meant "short".

Car rent Uzbekistan the boarders are free to visit the territory and find out the legends of the minaret, which say us about the Emir of Bukhara who had a desire to create the building which is extraordinary actually. And he made it having agreed with the architect. But the other legend says us about the case when khan made the architect to stay at the territory of the building until he finishes the erection, but he managed to escape that is why the building is not finished.

The tour can be aimed at seeing the territory of the minaret which is also the fortress and the madrasah surrounded. It is made greatly stable, so that it could stand different invasions. The decoration is made in rows and tiles, of the turquoise.

Though being in the trip here everyone should notice that as the minaret is not finished. The masters didn’t erect it. They managed to create the ornamental decoration. That is why the building looks new and unusual.

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