Jarkurgan's Minaret

Especially this tour will be oriented on seeing the Jarkurgan's Minaret on the cars for rent. Mainly it is located in 5 km from Jarkurgan city, and more than 40km from Termez city. The minaret is said to be erected in the 12th century, the purpose of which is seen in the meaning of the very words minaret – the spreading light.

Wanderers of Uzbekistan tend to pay attention to the opportunities to rent cars and see the construction made of bricks, decorated with various ornaments. The people of investigation purposes consider the building to be finished in 1110 by the architect Ali ibn Muhammad.

It is free to travel to the minaret and get to know some historical notes says that in 1879 there were excavations which released the mosque which turned out to be actually the minaret. In the 20th century the building had undergone the bettering of the construction.

The building is made with amazing ornamental decoration, in mosaics and burnt bricks, the techniques of which are going from the Indian worker. But some of the carvings are not finished at the upper side of the minaret.

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