Jahongir mausoleum

Jahongir mausoleum is located far in the east from the city and stays to be the memory of the Timur’s twenty-two beloved eldest son, Jahongir. The mausoleum was created due to the fact that his son suddenly died in 1376. During the tour in Uzbekistan the guests can listen to the legends which tell that he was in great grief for about 30 years.

It is known the body to be brought to the necropolis, and after 3 years the mausoleum was erected. The very entrance is seen to be made by the Zierathon, along with all of the details it stays to be elegant and slim. The form stays to be like a crown, with the dome of extraordinary views.

At the same time as the guests rent cars in Tashkent and Uzbekistan, they are opened with the opportunities to get to travel and know that sometime later in the past periods, Timur decided to ask for help of the architects from Khorezm. The building of 3 domes is amazing and overwhelming. The ceilings are decorative and all of the domes are impossible to be described but are needed to be seen. The decoration is basically made in the form of the ornaments depicted on the bricks and mosaics. Today we see the mausoleum to be connected with the tomb, the testimony of Sherefetdin Ali-Yezdi.

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