Independence Square

On arriving in the country as a member of Tashkent car for rent trip, it is recommended to visit the independence square which was previously named as V. I. Lenin Square. After independence was taken in 1991, it got the name of Mustakillik Maidoni. Now it is of the form of the globe, with the contour of the country to be depicted. The monument is presented with the mother with a child to be depicted. She is the meaning of the Motherland.

During the tour in the country everyone can travel and see various festivals held on the square, various parades and public holidays also take place here. Moreover, there is a “White House” with a great garden around it, various greenish alleys and flowers growing. Then there appeared the revolution and the house started being the museum, and the square itself is known as the Red one. All needed parades, strikes are usually happening here.

Car for rent Uzbekistan is aimed at the demonstration of the alley which is one of the sightseeing needed to be seen by all. Making a visit of the alley the people can see the storks, the monument of which basically means the possibility for the family to get happiness. Everyday there are couples coming here, to the depiction of the monument of the Grieving Mother with a cup of Eternal Flame.

The monument was created in respect of the people protecting the country and the population during WW2. As the trip is going on everyone can wander along the territory of 12 hectares, where there are administrative buildings. Looking at the south of the monument you can witness the Senate of Uzbekistan, which used to be the library of Alisher Navoi until 2003.

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