As the trip is oriented on the necessity to show as much sightseeing as possible, we pay attention to Khiva and recommend our clients to take a tour to Ichan-Qala complex. It is the city, almost saved since the ancient times in its original type. Moreover, the guests can see the wall surrounding the complex. Being here the guests are free to get to know that it is involved in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Taking steps in car rent service the boarders have an opportunity to see the site originally erected in the medieval era. And there are various buildings and architectural monuments. In 1969 this city started to be the site of the historical significance.

Welcome to Uzbekistan, the country where the territory of Khiva and the complex can be visited on cars rent here or in our company. And at the territory of the complex we can see the great amount of the buildings erected there. And at first the beginning of the creation was made in 1598. And at first the wall was about 2km long, where at every 10m there are towers. The water moat was created in order to organize the better protection.

It is possible to travel here and get to know that this complex can be entered through any of 4 gates. Each gates are made with the protection of towers. At the main square of the complex there are streets with beautiful buildings. And all along this territory the following places can be visited as well: Kunya-Ark citadel, Muhammad Amin Khan madrasah, the Tash-Khauli palace and the Alla-kuli-khan madrasah.

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