Hast Imam complex

Being in Uzbekistan the guests usually desire to make a witness of the oldest districts of the country as Sibzar, which tend to show the history of those times like Hast Imam complex, created many centuries ago.

There are some notes telling that the complex was created surrounding the mazar of the preacher of these places, Islam Kaffall al-Shashi. That is why the name of the square is Hazrat Imam, or the "Holy Imam" in translation.

Amid the tour the guests are going along the tomb, which has the saint locations needed to be seen by the wanderers of the country. This is the mausoleum which stays to be the main location of pilgrimages. At the same time it is location for the means of shelter for those who wander without an aim, khanaki.

Uzbekistan rent cars service shows the opportunities to tell more about the name of the site, and it was given in honor of Abubekr Muhammad Kaffal Shashi, the imam of Tashkent. He is considered to be the Muslim scholar, who got the education in the capital and Baghdad. Moreover, he perfectly investigated the means of the Qur'an and the Muslim law.

We offer to travel along the Hast Imam Square where the the Qur'an Khalif Osman is saved. It was created approximately in the 12th century, being the unique testimony of the people of faith. The Holy book was transferring along the sites of the country, holy sites. When it finally managed to get to Tashkent, it was given to the Koran to the Spiritual Administration of all Muslims of the country.

Hast Imam complex is the spiritual place for the people to come and pray and at the same time for the guests to rent cars and look at the beauties of the ancient times. Near it there is a mosque which serves to be the office of the newspaper company, “The Ray of Islam”. The canons of the 16th century started to be the means of the erection of the new building in 2007. And all of the buildings put near the complex serve the atmosphere of the entire city. There are legends of the creation of the buildings, which look stunning at nights. There are green lawns and trees growing around it.

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