Gijduvan pottery workshop

Gijduvan pottery workshop is a site which is located in 46 km from Bukhara and tends to be one of the most visited places by the boarders. They tend to rent cars and start their way along the place covered with ceramics, and here the means of the ceramics creation are still going from generation to generation.

There is a school especially for the people desiring to get to know the unique information of pottery workshop. This school is known to be popular for the ornamental decoration, with them made in the forms of various shapes and pictures.

Car rent Uzbekistan tour is aimed at the process of showing the guests the works of highly specialized workers. At the same time they are free to visit the master-classes. During the way the visitants can try kebabs, traditional food of the people.

It is known that in fact the time and period of the emergence of the shop is unknown. But since the 10th century there started to appear information about it in other points of the country. With the help of the Sufi Abdalkhalik Gizhduvani it started to get to be known wider to the people of other regions of the country and outside it.

Today as the trips are made, everyone can rent a car and visit the most visited site for pilgrims from all over the globe. After 213 years after the death of Ulugbek there was made an order of the creation of madrasah. It started to be one of the greatest constructions ever where traditions of the people were served.

As you started to travel here, we recommend visiting the workshop of Ibodullo Narzullaev, he was the founder of the school of ceramics, at the same time he stays to be the one to make his own style which is still given to the younger children. The complex is based on the necessity to get acquainted with the very process of the creation of ceramics. Being here do not forget to try national food of the people.

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