Our team has a great experience in the sphere of the organization of trips to travel for the guests from different countries from all over the globe to Fayaztepa. It is possible to rent a car here and find out that it is the Buddhist complex, which was first investigated by the archaeologist L. Albaum.

But the actual name to the building was given in honor of the Surkhandarya Regional Museum of Local Lore R.F. Fayazov. Customers tend to travel along this territory, to the building which was found in 1968.

The building is impressive and as you have come here on cars rent it is possible to see all of the 3 parts of it, like a temple, a monastery and outbuildings. All of the buildings of the complex are seen to be with the yards and special sites for pedestal.

The locals say this building is the most ancient one, so that it is of the 1st century BC. The walls of it are decorated with columns and carvings. And actually the complex is of the monks usage. Long time ago the building in the outside of the walls was surrounded by the waters of about 2km. Also, there are sculptures of Buddha, Bodhisattva.

Making a visit to Uzbekistan everyone can ask for the cars to rent and get to the center of the complex, which for now gained the scientific meaning. This building has gained the meaning for the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, UNESCO, the Trust Fund from Japan as well. Our managers offer a tour here along the open-air museum.

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