Dorus Tillavat

Welcome to the complex Dorus Tillavat, which stays to be the place of reading of the Holy Quran. The guests travel here and usually find out that it was erected in 1370, when religious figure Shamsiddin Kula died. As the tour is developing everyone can get to know that he was the mentor and the master of Emir Taragai and Timur, Bahauddin Naqshbandi.

Now, as the guests tend to rent a car in Tashkent and get here, there is information about the site to be the place of worship of many followers of this person, the sufi. The very building is created on the territory where later the Dorus- Tillavat madrasah was erected. The remains of Emir Taragay were brought to madrasah.

Each tour is aimed at the necessity to give extra details about the location and in our case we mention the fact that the tomb of Kulal was made in marble in the times of ruling of Timur. Then as the time was passing, during the powers of Ulugbek there was built a special burial place of Shamsiddin Kulal.

The mausoleum was built with a dome of blue color, with Kuk-Gumbaz Mosque opposite it. We offer to take into account the opportunities of car rent Uzbekistan service and get to know that in 1437 there was the construction of the mosque. Which led to the creation of tomb for all of the followers and descendants of Timur.

The yard of the complex was created in 14-15th centuries with the mausoleum of Shamsiddin Kulal, the madrasah with the gurkhan of Emir Taragai, a mosque and a makbarat, or tomb, Ulugbek. Due to it we recommend visiting this territory due to the existence of great amount of sightseeing.

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