Dorus Siadat

Our managers are glad to open the world of Central Asia and make the guests happy with seeing the Dorus Siadat, the complex of the times of Timurids. The creation of the complex is connected with the death of the son of the emperor Jahangir. And this complex is considered to be the very first creation in his honor. During the tour the guests will be able to travel along the complex and find out that the body was buried in the complex of Shakhrisabz.

The line of tragic events didn’t stop and the ruler Timur lost his second son in 1394. He was in great grief. And decided to make the tomb for him, namely the "Mausoleum of Omar Sheikh”. The guests of the country are free to rent cars in Uzbekistan and investigate the territory of the complex, and feel the emotions of the ancient times.

Anyway the complex is modest, and is considered to serve never ending grief and sadness of the people from the times of Timurids. In the 19th century there was built the mosque of Khazri Imam. For you we mention that the name of the complex means "Repository of power".

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