Dalverzintepa archeological dig

Dalverzintepa archeological dig is actually the fortress which can be visited by the people who rent cars Uzbekistan and travel to the Shurchinsky district of the Surkhandarya region. It is said that the fortress started its existence in the 3rd century, in the times of Kushan Empire. In the past there used to be the wall of 10m wide.

Each tour will be aimed at the guests to see what was found during excavations in 1972. Various gold treasures were found there. And today it is located in the British Museum. Moreover, a great amount of coins, stone things, precious stones were at this location.

Our team offers the ways of taking Tashkent car rent service into account in order to be able to witness the findings of the musical works of art. At the same time the guests are free to notice the traditions of the Hellenic Greece, the music of heavens of the Middle East.

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