Courage Monument

Welcome to make an unforgettable tour to the Courage Monument, which is the main attraction for the guests to see during their trip. For now we can say with assurance that the monument is one of the most desiring sites the creation of which was dedicated to commemorate the events happening in the 20th century. The territory of the monument started to be the location of the park where all the residents and the guests of the country to walk.

During the trip the guests take they will be informed about the history of the monument along with the history of the territory. It is known that in 1966 there happened the tragic events. They tell that there were the residents who were sleeping in their beds and then were woken up with the noise of the hum. There were heavy tremors of the population, the collapse of the buildings happened.

At the same time, as a rent a car Uzbekistan service opens the possibility to see the country and its significant places, the guests are informed about the facts that for now there are cases when earthquakes happen. Very often the strength gets to the point of 8. The greatest point 8 happened in the center of Tashkent. For about 2 million m2 were destroyed. After the tragedy happened, the new buildings started to be rebuilding. The opening of the monument was in 1970. It is the monument which actually means the courage of the inhabitants of the country and the city, as they didn’t break under the difficult circumstances.

The monument was built in granite. The frontage of the monument bears the information about the date of the tragic event, “April 26, 1966” and time 5 hours 23 minutes. The sculpture itself is the symbolization of the family facing the tragedy, with a woman holding the child and making all her best to protect him. All the guests who travel here admire the monument and the history of its erection.

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