Complex of Al Bukhary

Complex of Al Bukhary is located in 11km from Samarkand and is actually the main site for trips to be made by the guests of the country. The complex is said to be made in honor of the Imam, and now seems to be the basic location for the religious people to come here. Imam is known to be born in the 9th century, then he was buried in Samarkand. All he did was the collection of all the traditions of the Muslim.

Car rent in Tashkent Lexus LX470 is perfect for the trip to travel as during it the visitants are free to get to know that in the 16th century the complex was created, along with other objects like mosque and administrative buildings to be erected. The dome of the complex is turquoise. Today it is the site for worships.

Legends say there is sagana or chalice are created for showing love and hope, faith, the grave of the imam is actually covered with marble. Moreover, the walls of the complex are made to show the endless freedom made in marble. Today at the territory of the complex there is a muslim education center where the people can study. The mosque itself can room about 1500 Muslims. We offer a tour to Uzbekistan for you to see the main sites of interest and listen to the legends the locals say.

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