Citadel Ark

Each tour is aimed at the necessity to show the most amazing places as Citadel Ark in Bukhara. Our team is ready to organize the trip for the guests to travel to the ancient monument of the Bukhara which was actually created in 4-3 centuries. Being the citadel, it takes a great territory and has the form of rectangle. Right at the entrance the towers can be seen. All along the long history the citadel suffered the facts of destroy.

Uzbekistan car rent is the way to investigate the territory previously covered with the Samanids, with the citadel being rebuilt with new walls and towers. It started to look the other way during the times of Shaybanid dynasty. There are gates in the east and in the west. As the trip on cars rent is going on, everyone has an opportunity to see that in the east the gates are known as "Gurian" and in the west as “Registan”.

We are happy to say that there is a legend of the citadel telling it was erected by hero Siyavush. He was rather handsome and due to it got the love of the daughter of the ruler Afrasiab. Unfortunately her father created complicating conditions for him, aimed at the creation of the palace with the skin of the bull to be brought there. Being rather clever he decided to cut the skin, create the strips and connect the ends of them.

Car for rent Uzbekistan can give the opportunities to get to the Bukhara State Museum-Reserve and see various departments, as of epigraphy of 1987, of modern history with 36,000 exhibits and so on.

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