Chorsu Bazaar

Chorsu Bazaar is the center of the atmosphere of the country, which seems to be one of the noisiest places with the people always bargaining. Here the smell of spicy dishes is heard, with a great amount of goods to be bought. An interesting fact is seen in the name of the bazaar, which means "four waters".

Everyone has an opportunity to rent a car and visit the bazaar on their own. Being here it is possible to feel the atmosphere of the ancient times when khans and ordinary people were at these places. Though the building suffered from various architectural changes, the view of it is still the same, with blue domes.

When the visitants start to travel here they usually listen to the idea that the history starts in 16-18th centuries, being the Kukeldash and Khoja Akhrara Madrasahs, the Jami Mosque. There are also the notes of the wanderers of those times telling that the bazaar was full of the people selling the goods, where there were a lot of shops and caravanserais, teahouses.

The tour can be based on the investigation of the bazaar, aiming at the following factors: products, craft, clothes. The majority of the shops are covered with blue domes. At the same time the people have an opportunity to buy fruits and vegetables, various goods for home. Right here you can take the traditional products of the people, like mainly katyk (sour milk, kefir), curd and kurt (kurut).

Moreover, we recommend tasting dried fruits, navat which is made from sugar syrup and can be of many different types. Then the guests have an opportunity to see the row, of traditional dishes, like hot green tea, hot samsa, shashlik. Having had a good meal the visitants are free to continue the excursion along the rows, and buy souvenirs for their relatives and friends to be presented.

Can you imagine the existence of the row of carpets? It is the striking row from the point of view of interest, as various pictures and patterns of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva are depicted. Then the next row of music can be visited. Here they can listen the play of the instruments and buy some of them, like carnai, surnai, doira, dombra, zang and others.

In the row of national clothes the guests can buy traditional clothes of the people, like kurpachi, hats. Everything is very colorful and each color has its own meaning. During the trip along the bazaar it is possible to listen to various historical details of the country and the people living there. From any site of the city everyone can get to the bazaar, by buses, minibuses, taxis. We offer Uzbekistan rent car service for all to make a view of the country and main sites of interest.

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