Chor Bakr memorial complex

Chor Bakr memorial complex seems to be the unique Chor-Bakr Necropolis, originally being in the south-west of Bukhara. Our aim is to organize the tour to the village Sumitan and immerse in the history of the complex and the territory.

Today we know that the name means “Four Brothers”, but actually abroad the people name it as “City of the Dead”. The necropolis is in the UNESCO catalog. Various sheikhs are laying here. During the trip the guests are able to travel and get to know that there is the ancestor of the head of the Dzhuybar Sheikhs there.

Taking in Uzbekistan a Tashkent rent cars service it is possible to know that it is the "City of the Dead" with a great amount of yards and streets, with the gates and gravestones. The center of the building is taken by a mosque, a khanaka and a madrasah. In front there are structures with darvaza and aivans decoration, made in walls.

Today there are a lot of people coming here with pilgrimage point of view and aim, as it is the saint place created about 3 centuries ago. They tend to come on their own, using a rent a car service.

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