Chilpyk is the fortress of the country of Uzbekistan and is known to mean Tower of Silence. In case you take a car for rent and travel not far from Nukus city, you are required to visit the fortress.

Today the opportunities of cars rent Uzbekistan open the way to the building created of walls of mud, on the hill. There used to be a staircase of 20m, and 72 steps. The walls are actually 15m. As the guests make a tour here, they are informed about the legends telling that fortress was first used by the people of Zoroastrian, their rituals and beliefs.

Moreover, there are the notes that these people were putting the bodies of the dead for the birds to eat and clean them. After it they filled the urns for the historical museums of Nukus and Tashkent.

The complex is considered to be created in the 1st century, and tends to be the started after the Arabs came here. At the same time, the complex was made in the type of the tower and watch. For the guests of the country this building means a great significance as it is possible to immerse in history.

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