Chashma Ayub

Chashma Ayub mausoleum is located near the ruins of the ancient city, previously being at the territory of the Samanids. The territory is covered with the ruins of the ancient mosques and madrassas, which are seen as the site needed to be seen during the tour.

We offer to travel to the mazar of the 12th century. This place is connected with the legends of the biblical prophet Job, or Ayub. The legend, which can be heard during the trip on cars rent tells that he used to be the wanderer of these places, and he came to Bukhara, creating a well with clear water able to heal. That is why the people thought of him having natural forces.

Everyone taking the trip on cars rented can see the truth in the words of the building to be built right above the well. The name of the mausoleum is translated as the source of Job, meaning the well.

Later the guests can find out that the Bible tells us about Job to be from the Sumerian city –Hebron, being born and buried there. At the same time there exist several burial locations, and even Khoji Hofiz Gunzhori of 1022.

The trip in Uzbekistan can be oriented on the opportunity to the central part of the mazar, with the monument to Amir Temur, of 1380. He managed to ask for the best architects to work there, and the artists were also brought from the battles.

There were various ways of rebuilding of the mausoleum, adding new rooms each time. At the same time domes were erected as well. Near the building there is the village Khayriabad of the Vabkent district. This site is sacred for all – Muslims and Christians, and Jews.

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