Buddhist Stupa Zurmala

Today we make a tour in frames of the car rent complex to the Buddhist Stupa Zurmala which is the ruins of the Termez location, the ancient one. Our guests are always our important clients. And we are ready to make all the best to create a trip when everyone can be interested during the travel around.

The settlement was created in the 1st-2nd century in the Kushan era, when Buddhism was greatly spread in Central Asia. Actually the city is about 10km west from Termez and is considered to be the ancient and the most striking site for visiting.

The guests are free to take cars for rent and discover the territory, its wonderful views and of course be involved in the historical means. The locals of the territory have always been amazed by the building and there were always lots of them to visit it.

Zurmala stupa was a cult of the locals when she used to be the symbolization of the Buddhist stupas. Please take steps to wander here in Uzbekistan and see the building to be the site of significant excavation works, where there is a tower of 14m, the walls of the very creation made of bricks, with a chamber inside it. And in this chamber the guests can notice sacred texts and notes of the Buddhist people.

It is the first monument of the Buddhist significance, in the entire Central Asia. As it was erected in the 20th century, the belonging to the Buddhist religion just in 1927. The one to head the expedition was A. Strelkov.

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