One of the most amazing places for the guests to visit are located in the center of the city, and today we would like to talk about the Broadway of Tashkent. Mainly the locals name it as "Sayilgoh" which create the combination of squares of the capital, like Amir Timur Square and Mustakillik Square.

Visitants tend to travel here among the great population as it is the most visited place among all of the sites for the guests to visit. Any time of the year it can be visited, and any time of the year there will be a great amount of people.

Making tour excursions, guides tend to pay attention to this location, as it is convenient and comfortable from the point of view attractions, as Amir Temur, the State Museum of the History of the Timurids. These are the sites which should be taken into account during car rent Uzbekistan trips due to the opportunity to see the testimony of the ancient times as various dishes of the 17th century, the coins remained from the times of the Soviet Union, and of course the works of art of the local artists.

Being here it is better to rent cars as it takes a lot of time to make a view of all the corners of it. It is also known that the Broadway appeared mainly in 1985 and since those times tends to be the place for the masters to demonstrate their works. Concerning the Broadway of the modern times, it tends to be the home for various cinemas, theaters, cafés and shops. We always offer the Broadway to be visited by the guests as right here you can feel being the guest and at the same time the local dweller.

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