Bolo-Hauz mosque

We are glad to organize the tour aimed at your wishes and desires, and today we start a way to Bolo-Hauz mosque. It is the part of the building which managed to stay untouched in a half way. During the trip the guests are able to rent the car Uzbekistan and get to know that in the ancient times it used to be the place bursting with life. There used to be various shops and pavilions.

The opportunities aimed to give the way to travel here open the translation of the name, as a Children's Pool and even the pond. The name is identified as it resembles the reservoir. And the very mosque was created in the 18th century with an interesting design, with about 20 columns surrounding it.

Tashkent car rent service opens the way to get to know that the mosque and the pond itself are relative to each other, with the columns being covered with aivan reflecting in the water.  There is carving of ornaments on the walls and ceilings. The drawings are of different colors showing the data about Emir of Bukhara. The legend says that the minaret is based on the situation when the angle of Leaning Tower of Pisa getting to the right critical point it aimes the greater attention of the tourists.

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