Bibi Khanum Mosque

We are happy to organize the trip to the Bibi Khanum Mosque, one of the ancient sites of Central Asia, which tends to be the thrilling place for the guests to see as they make an organizational tour on cars for rent Tashkent. The mosque is said to be created in 1399, on the order of Amir Timur. He made a choice of the place for his wife.

As there appeared to be several creations, they were united finally and there started to be about 480 marble columns. And today the boarders come here with an aim to see these columns, they are even ready to take special Uzbekistan cars for rent trips and travel along Samarkand looking for the striking sightseeing. The main entrance of the building is made in the form of the metal gates with carvings on the walls. Inside the complex there is a great amount of minarets, but most of them used to be and didn’t survive till nowadays.

The legends says that in case the family has problems and difficulties with having a baby they need to get here, and pray telling the most secret desires of their. The building is made in excellent style. Usually the guests leave it being totally admired, with ornaments and moving décor.

There were made reconstruction works made by the talented architects. There are the domes which identify the main mosque, and all of them are made with great magnificence and luxury. During the trip in the country make a visit of the complex and admire everything with your own eyes.

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